White Belt
Contents: Taicoso demonstration, 23 Shaolin and Wushu exercises and kicks

Yellow Belt
Contents: Haqqa demonstration, knife defence demo, kick combinations

Orange Belt
Contents: kickboxing/Sanda (Chinese kickboxing including takedowns)

Red Belt
Contents: Basic ChanQuan demonstration, Nunchaku

L.Green Belt
Contents: Unan/Greek Kung Fu demonstration, Traditional Shaolin 2 sets of kicks and 2 sets of punches, light traditional fighting training

Green Belt
Contents: Yin Shou Gun (Staff demonstration), Staff Set 1, Staff Set 2

L.Blue Belt
Contents: Pure Boxing (Padwork, Stamina, Sparring, 14,000 punches, 14 rounds of 3 minute each)

Blue Belt
Contents: Penang demo, SheQuan (Snake Fist traditional demo)

L.Brown Belt
Contents: Jian Shu (Wushu Sword Demonstration)

Brown Belt
Contents: NanQuan (Wushu Southern Fist Demonstration)

Black Belt
ChanQuan and/or TaiChi Quan plus Recap all previous training

Post Black Belt or 2 Dan+

TaiChi Quan, Traditional sword, ChanQuan, Tiger Fist, Snake Long Fist, Professional Gymnastics, Professional combat training, TaiChi and Shaolin combined fighting, Sanda Professional, Traditional Animal, Style fighting, Staff Professional, Nunchaku Professional, Sword TaiChi, Wushu Sword, Knife short weapon defence, Close and distant fighting techniques